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For over two years we have traveled this miraculous planet. Pushing relentlessly over mountains and seas, exploring this earth in the most unique of ways. All the while learning about this world, and ourselves, through all of you.

Thank you for the dreams. Thank you for the memories. And thank you for sharing this unforgettable adventure with us.
It was the journey of a lifetime and we are so grateful to you all for that.

Please remember

Be brave
Fight for what you believe in
And make your dreams
Your reality.


Provehito In Altum

Postat av: Linda

Så fint ♥ Hur ska man klara sig utan dem nu?

Sv: Du måste se den filmen, jättebra är den! :)

Och ja, det var kul med balen :-)

2011-12-11 @ 09:46:23
URL: http://thepainoflove.devote.se
Postat av: Linda

Sv: Aaaa :c

Tack! :)

2011-12-13 @ 20:30:46
URL: http://thepainoflove.devote.se

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